Friday, May 23, 2014

playing a little catch up today.
mother's day week my daughter called and said "what do you want
to do on sunday?" i suggested a couple things and then she asked if i
had any gardening to do. um everything, all of it, where should
i even start? she said "let's go to a greenhouse and i'll buy you plants and then
 we'll pot them up together". it sounded perfect.
she got to our house armed with new garden gloves and her pots and
after talking for a while, looking at pinterest and hashing about
her upcoming wedding, we set out.

long story short, we drove over to my favorite nursury~tonkadale~
but there were about 6 thousand cars there- and girlfriend cannot deal
with that kind of madness (either of us),
so we went to 2 others and came home with a car full of
posies and then we got busy.

her girl kenzie was part of our fun.
(she's such a good dog)!

it was one of my favorite mother's days ever. even though
my boys were up north with dad, adria and i don't get much time together
~just the two of us,
 and my heart was just plain happy.

man i love this girl.
the best we could do was a silly selfie.

i hope your memorial weekend is terrific~

*thank you to anyone who ever served in the armed forces and
remembering beloved family members who've passed.

xo, beth

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