Monday, April 14, 2014

happy Easter week!

here are some inspirations i found on pinterest 
that i thought were worth sharing.

 i'm a big fan of anything with hand stamped words on it

 if i were entertaining on sunday, i'd consider trying this.
to make, find a pretty clear glass bowl and you'll need
several small pots of blooming spring bulbs and some potting soil
and moss. just replant them in you bowl- tucking moss around the edges 
before you put the bulbs in and add soil around them.

  how easy would this banner be to make? use pretty scrapbook or wrapping paper for tails~

 could not love this little "bread chick" more...hmmm I think the eyes might be
whole nutmeg or cloves and the beak is an almond?

 my gram always made an Easter egg tree....
a favorite memory.

 now, i'm a bit sad to say that with snow in the forecast for us again this 
week, this may be what the Easter bunny will have to deal with?
hope he/she has wellies!

Hunter brand to be specific.

i've got about 6 dozen cutout sugar cookies to frost now-

xo, beth

do not be these parents.... make your own basket~

: )

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  1. how cute is the bird bread!? Also, I love tulips...although we had a hard freeze last night so I doubt they will bloom. :( and so funny about the last photo!


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