Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy week and cookies

in the past week i have made dozens and dozens of cutout sugar cookies.
they are a labor of love i tell you~

i brought some to a bridal shower for annie last sunday, and then
last night a friend of hers, who was at the shower
texted me and said,
"do you have a business making wedding cookies
now? i would like to order 5 doz."  

i wasn't sure if she was just messin with me or if she
was serious, but after several texts back and forth
i had a for real order for 5 doz. for her son's wedding ~~in ohio!

i can't believe cookies i'm making are going to travel to 
ohio for a wedding.....    :  )

blogger pioneer woman, gives away kitchenaid mixers once in a while
but i haven't won one yet and this sunbeam that was a 
shower gift to me about 36 years ago is still mixing quite nicely.
(who has room for one of those big fancy- heavy duty- 
fun colored babies anyhoo?)

i've got several sugar cookie recipes, but cindy's is always 
my sure fire -go to- for making cut outs.
* i see this recipe is dated 1997- that means i've been making these
for 17 years. (how old am i again? older than this recipe for sure)

here i was starting to mix dyes into my frosting and 
looked down to see this random face looking up at me.

mixing your colors for frosting is an art. too much of it and your cookies look
garish if you ask me.
 if you haven't learned this already, when using
these wilton food colors, never- and i mean never dip into the 
container more than once with whatever utensil you're using
 to mix in the frosting. it ruins your dye if you get frosting in it.
i use a toothpick to get a tiny amount out, and then if i need more,
(remember, less is more-start cautiously) use a clean toothpick.
was that confusing? sorry - just don't double dip!!!

alright, now after you have all your cookies cut out, baked and cooled you can frost them.
(the fun part- for sure). when i'm going to decorate them really fancy, i spread on a 
base layer of frosting as smooth as i can get it. i like the little spatulas for spreading
like are in the photo above. then after that sets, you can start the 
detailed, time consuming part. for this you have to have decorating bags and 
a variety of tips to make different designs.

well, here they are- all decked out and looking "partyish"

their wedding is may 10th- it won't be long now. when two people
have had their 50th birthdays before they ever find true love,
i can't help but feel like it's extra, extra special.

now, not to change the subject, but
i guess i am-   completely changing the subject.
: )
have you discovered these dishcloths yet?
if i could i'd send you each one. that's how much i love them! 
one of my girlfriends told me about them last fall and i got my first two.
now i'm hooked!!!!
they are made in sweden and found in specialty shops.
(or i'm sure online) and they are like sponges kind of.
if you have a stainless sink or appliances like i do, they are
just marvelous for damp wiping them down. you don't even need to dry afterwards.
you can just throw them in the dishwasher to clean them too and
they never get that dreadful sour dishcloth smell.

the fun patterns on them is just an added bonus~

well, if i have time i might be back before the Easter weekend,

xox, nite

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