Thursday, April 3, 2014


in the book i'm reading, the main character makes lists.
often before she crawls into bed, something that happened
during her day sparks her making a list.
i love when i get to read one of them~
they are funny and honest and thought provoking.

one of hers was: if i ruled the world and it made me think
about if i ruled the world, what would my list read.

here's my list.

1. there would be 3 day work weeks and 4 day weekends.

2. all microwaves, remote controls, computers and cell phones
would work the same. learn it once and done!

3.everyone would make the same amount of money~there
would be no upper class- no lower class and nothing in between.
i'd love to see what our world would be like then.

4.there would be drive up windows for healthy foods,
not just greasy fast food.

5. i'd drive a jeep wrangler.

6. only one parent in a family would need to work outside
the home- and the other one could stay home
and raise their own children. (if that was what they wanted).

7.there would be no wars. if people wanted to fight- they'd 
go in time outs. time outs without phones, computers, t.v.
weights to lift... they would sit in a corner on a naughty chair
till they were ready to get along with their neighbors and family.

8.everyone would get to go to summer camp. like we did when 
we were young. we'd make new friends, swim, ride horse,
sleep in bunk beds and be fed in a mess hall. bonfires with guitar
music at night? oh yeah

9.everyone would have either a wrap around porch or a screen porch.
*with rocking chairs.
(combine that with our 3 day work week and there'd be no reason for
fighting and wars).  :  )

10. children would always outlive their parents. by the sea would be required.

12. everyone would have flowers delivered to their homes
on a weekly basis.

*what would be on your list?

xo, b

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