Thursday, April 17, 2014

home made, hand made, and hard to come by...

this may not be all that exciting to y'all- but to our
family, this little pitcher represents a season of 
waiting, reading, gathering and goodness!
 this my friends, is our first maple syrup.
we hope it's not the last for this year, because so far we've only boiled
down enough for about 2 pancakes....haha   (that's why it's so precious).
 i do declare that it was the best maple syrup i've ever tasted though!

 i just keep planting new pots of wheat grass. 
if spring wants to be stubborn- i will just fight back.

i found this photo mixed in with the ones
of the grass.~ have i shown you this fellow before? I just love him...he
was a little surprise from a sweet friend. the tag around his neck is original
from when he was given as a gift- on the back it says: from mother.
i'm guessing he's about 50 years old.

and speaking of dogs,
probably should have photo shopped a diaper on 12 week old koda~
so please excuse his privates showing, but how flipping cute
is this pic of him sound asleep yesterday in his little bed?

in spite of the fact that on april 16th, this is the view out my window....

this really and truly was taken in our front yard last summer.
now this is what spring is supposed to look like.
it's almost becoming laughable, but if you want to look
at the sunny side of life, (and I do), think of how much worse it could
be. it's not a tornado. it's not a tsunami, it's not an earthquake.
you probably haven't seen even one wood tick or mosquito in the back yard...

it's just some snow. and snow we can handle. 
just drive carefully if you're going out of town and
God bless you and yours this Easter season.

xo, beth

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