Sunday, April 27, 2014

a little rain, a little deep breakfast~

please click above to hear the music

many years ago, on our 10th wedding anniversay, lars and i 
flew to maine. it's still one of my all time best life experiences. neither
of us had been to the sea and we couldn't wait to eat lobster and
smell the salt air. we stayed at bed and breakfasts along the coast 
and visited several little fishing villages. my favorite one was
camden, maine. on one of the days we were there it was raining and we
poked our heads in little shops. in one of them this music was playing.
i was immediately in love.
i bought the c.d~ deep breakfast~ by ray lynch
and to this day, if i listen to it on a rainy day like we're having today,
i am transported right back to that little town along the ocean.
i can remember how my raincoat felt (kind of clammy and hot), 
the way i wanted to take a picture every 4.5 seconds, (that was
back in the old film days- so i couldn't), the sound of the ships
in the harbor knocking against the docks, and the gulls. the magic of
being somewhere new and exciting with my husband. 

is there anything better than our senses being able
to bring back fond memories?

this morning i've been listening to this c.d and drinking
coffee ...eating popovers and watching the rain pour down.
i love rainy days.


fri. i bought these farm fresh, organic eggs.
i'm not sure if it was more the cute little carton or the
colors inside that made me think $5 a dozen was no biggie...

a person doesn't want to use them for just anything tho, so when i was cleaning 
out my food cupboards yesterday and found this popover mix i was excited.

o.k, i know they are kind of laughable. so small that i "had" to eat 4 of 
them to equate a normal one, but they were delicious. was it the eggs? maybe.

wish i would have taken a picture before i cleaned, threw and organized my cabinets~

and what would a spring post be without a couple shots of this week's ranunculus?
a mixed color bouquet this time.

the view out the kitchen window just now...look way down in the background.
see that little pond?

when buying a house, never-ever- underestimate the power of having some
kind of a water view. when we bought our home it was winter. this little
pond was frozen over. we didn't even know it existed. we were desperate to
find a house and had looked and looked and LOOKED and we were moving in 
20 short days when we finally found this one and bought it.
it wasn't my dream house- not even close- but when the snow melted and
one morning i looked out and saw a pond in the neighbor's back yard i was
thrilled! we've lived here over 20 years now and we've made this house
a home and raised our children here and that pond down there?
it has made it all the sweeter.

*  i learned a new word today. 


it's swahili.
it means 
"to feel"
"to experience with the eyes"

isn't that beautiful? 

happy sunday,  xo beth

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