Monday, April 7, 2014

 happy tuesday~

after a really great weekend, i have a bunch of random
photos and tidbits to share with y'all.

if you live in minnesota, you already know that we had 
yet another big snow event last friday. after having almost
all the snow gone- we got b--lasted again.
can me crazy, but i thought it was beautiful.
i stood in the living room, in the darkness late
thursday night and watched it coming down and
it really was beautiful. i love snowstorms, thunder and
lightening and rain. i wasn't in any hurry to go to bed
because i think this was most likely the final snow for this season.

there was no snow on this railing on thursday morning... fri. it looked like this~

koda was in love with the snow. he rolled in it and buried himself and
jumped around. it was hilarious!

picked up this fab bird pillow at home goods. 

friend annie told me at lunch last week that she'd re-designed and changed
up her packaging. i was excited and told her to text me some pictures of all 
the components. as a surprise for me~ she did something better~ she 
sent me a box with all the darling little tie tags, candy, shredded paper 
and stickers- just so i could experience what her clients will. how fun is that???
*there's love in these details.

lemon meringue pie. can't remember the last time i've made one.
don't you sometimes just crave something lemony? lately i've
been all about limes too. minute maid lime juice to drink, and i really like 
some fresh lime juice squeezed on....well anything savory.

they're here!!!!!! this is my first bouquet of ranunculous for the year.
lars went to get a haircut saturday morning and came home with these
for me. it means a lot to me that he remembers how much i love them.

a highlight of our weekend was a drive out to the landscape arboretum.
people were out in droves enjoying the warmer weather. one of the best discoveries was that 
they are in the process of tapping the maple trees ( about 250 of them) and their operation is huge.
we listened to a short presentation and then stayed behind to ask a bunch
of questions. now we are more excited than ever to get up north and see if
we've got anything in our pails. we learned that you can tap and make 
syrup out of the sap from almost any kind of tree and we tasted the syrup
from a black walnut. it wasn't as sweet as maple, but we both liked it as well 
or maybe even better.

i also had a blast at the cedar cultural center at a c.d. release concert
by the dead pigeons. if you ever get the chance- go listen to this 
blue grass band. they are sooo good. the mandolin player also happens to be our friend's son.
(find them on facebook/see their schedule)

putting gas in my car today, i had a feeling of contentment and
thankfulness wash over me. i can't remember the last time i haven't
crawled back in my car to stay warm while the gas pumped.

i didn't have a coat or gloves on and the sun was shining.

life is good.

hope your week includes a whole lot of reasons to smile,



  1. Thanks for the reminder on ranunculus. I'll have to stop today and get some. Love them. Jill

  2. mine came from Bachmans Jilly! : )


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