Wednesday, March 19, 2014

welcome to the world

a beautiful little boy was born on feb. 27th
and lucky me got to do a newborn photo shoot with him.
here he is~



he is as precious as precious can be....
*he is brother to henry.
 henry and arlo~ doesn't that sound like a
cute name for a childrens book?

when i walked in the bedroom and saw him laying on the bed like this~ i 
didn't know whether to disturb him and start taking 
pictures, or just lie down beside him and spend the day marveling
at this new little life.

as you can see, i did disturb the little honey and
woke him up in the process.
he didn't mind a whole lot- but we
had a hard time getting him back to sleep.
newborn pictures are usually better if
the papoose is sleeping~

his hair is so great, it's already "stylable".   :  )   (i like to make up words)

isn't he just so beautiful???
(momma looked really fabulous too).

it was such a pleasure to meet you 
little guy.
you have been born into a wonderful family
that already loves you beyond measure.

i hope life always treats you kind.
be blessed,

xox, beth

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