Saturday, March 1, 2014


yesterday we said so long to february and i don't think
there's a soul that's going to miss it (especially here in minnesota).

it may not look or feel like we're anywhere close to spring,
but when the calendar says march~
it gives us hope.

here's a few fun things associated with march.

the days here are still cold, but it's coming...soon these
huge piles of snow will melt and the trees will
bud out and birds will lay their eggs.

my grandmother loved these birthday angels. she gifted each grandchild with 
one when they were born. do you have one?

it's maple tree tapping time.
we're going to try it for the first time ever up north at the lodge!

this is minnehaha falls in minneapolis mn.
IN MARCH. (i'm not kidding either)

if the shamrock shakes from mcdonalds don't make
you happy, then in my opinion~nothing will!

and lastly, i will leave you with this enchanting image of a 
lion and a lamb made from felted wool.

it's cold here- but not windy or snowing---and i'm just not sure what
that means. Does it mean that march came in like the lion then, 
or a lamb?
i'm so confused.

hello march, sooo glad to see you again!


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