Tuesday, March 4, 2014

today is the first day that not having my job
feels real. the studio was closed mondays, so i didn't work.
friend cindy messaged me last night and said
"do not go to work tomorrow".
(thanks pal)

now it feels real.
if it was just a couple weeks off i'd be thrilled, but weeks stretching out
in front of me without any plan feels strangely unsettling.
*and i can tell my hubbie is feeling a little
resentful which doesn't help- haha.

here's some of what's going through my mind this morning:

favorite moments from the oscars~

ellen. just being ellen- LOVE HER, and the
pizza being delivered and actually handed out to the
hungry stars was genius!

pink singing somewhere over the rainbow.
i have a whole new opinion of her after the
grammys and the oscars.

john travolta messing up an actor's name
so badly that social media is now trending
with "your name "travoltified".
mine would be something like
babs linguini.
p.s. he is one of my favorite actors too.

julia roberts. love her. love her. if you haven't seen
august in osage county- i have and it's intense and disturbing
and oscar worthy. meryl and julia together on the screen= magic.

can't remember the stars name, but the handsome guy with
the long hair who started his acceptance speech by
saying: years ago a 16 year old girl had a baby and
raised him alone and always encouraged him....... (there was more)
and that woman was my mother- and then they showed his
beautiful mother and brother in the audience, he impressed me sooo
much. who is he guys?  what has he been in?


 adria and i attended a bridal show at the river center on sunday.
we had fun and had our picture taken in a lot of photo booths.  : )

we are more than excited that she already has her photographer
(and she used to be my boss---who DOESN'T do weddings mind you)
~she's doing us a humongous favor,
and your's truly plans to do all or most of the flowers,
so two biggies have been figured out.
they haven't set a date or secured a venue yet, but have 
narrowed the venue down to a couple that they want to
go visit when the weather is nicer and they can walk around and see what
they would actually be like for an outdoor wedding.

(without 2 feet of snow).

there were samples!

we could sooo make these~ 

don't read too much into any of these- they're just some pretties from the show.

the show was fun- but we both decided that we didn't get that many
new ideas. now we know that sitting in our living rooms looking at
pinterest is probably as helpful if not more, than wandering around
booths at a show.      good. to. know.


friend leslie is having an art show in her home next week in 
alexandria and she's invited me to sell things so i best get dressed and
get to work. it feels good to be creating things with my hands again!

xo, beth

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