Friday, March 21, 2014

some friday thoughts...

*do you shop at goodwill? if you are my age or older
did you know that on wednesdays you can get
25% OFF!!!
i am telling you this as a public service announcement.
i have wasted almost an entire year of shopping
there without knowing this or receiving my discount.
sheesh! 55 and older girls- we gotta stick together!
help each other out.
(what else am i missing folks?)

* while at the bridal fair a few weeks ago, i saw these amazing
photo books by a company called artifact uprising. i loved them. 
they use recycled papers and they are organic and beautiful
and i wasted no time in ordering one for myself.
here's a couple peeks at my book.

* are anyone else's finger nails super dry and brittle right now?
as fast as mine can grow out-they break off.
please tell me i'm not alone. what can i do about it?

* i may be a magazine hoarder. there are some i just cannot throw away.
i have every old home companion i ever bought and
la vie claire...did any of you ever get that one? the
photos in it were so beautiful, i cannot not throw mine
away. each one a treasure. it's so sad that they've both gone by the wayside.
i will take them to the nursing home with me. all the other little old ladies
are going to want to room with me.

i can throw away readers digests.
does that mean i'm o.k.?

* a new puppy is joining our family this weekend.
another chesapeake. i'm not nearly as excited as the rest of my family.
 i think you're either born a big animal lover or you're not.
guess who wasn't given the gene.
 darn it-  yep me.
pray for me. pray for patience, quick training,
less drooling than the last one, and big puppy dog eyes to win me over.
~name yet to be decided.
suggestions welcome!

(the preliminary pictures are pretty flipping cute)  :  )

* i am going to plant a whole, whole bunch of poppy seeds
in my garden this year and i hope that they grow and bloom and
nod their heads at me as i walk by. they are so fragile and beautiful and
short lived. that makes them all the sweeter.

*please help me get the word out that i am officially doing photography
 for hire. i love it. i love newborns and families. i will do second shooter
pics at weddings.  i'm no annie marie, but i think i've honed a pretty good eye.

 arlo's cd~ ready!

i planted wheat grass in this adorable little pot- in about 3 days there
will be spouting.

and i tried a new look with a table runner.

i'm slowly doing a bit of easter decorating.
it'll be here before we know it.
 (btw  -these are real robin's egg's i've found on the ground- 
they really are. sorry "would be" birdies. i didn't take you
from your nests)

well, there you have it. 

i rambled on so long, it's almost saturday.

oh and p.s. here's two more things you must know:
*rent the movie-   enough said     -just watched it- LOVED it, and remember
* you can get two filet of fish sandwiches and
a shamrock shake for about 5 bucks
at mcdonalds right now.

they go great with your redbox movie.

man i love lent and march, mint shakes!

xo, b


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of the new puppy! I'm sure he/she will win you over! I'm with you on the brittle fingernails. If you figure out what to do, let me know. Where do you get wheat grass seed? Yours always looks so beautiful and I'd like to give it a try. Thanks for the fun, random thoughts blog tonight. I always enjoy reading it! :) Love ya!

  2. Suz, thanks and you buy wheat berry seeds at a natural food store or food coop. look for them in the bins/bulk food area. it really is such a fun thing to do in the spring when you just can't wait for everything to turn green outside. I went and walked through my favorite greenhouses on the way to my tax apt. last week.....aaagh the smell of dirt and seeing all those pots planted up with summer wonders did my heart good! xo (tonkadale nursery if you're local)


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