Monday, March 24, 2014

brown fur ball joins the family

so, that big furball in the picture with my hubbie over on the right side bar? -
he's been gone for a year and a half
and this weekend a new little puppy joined our family.

we named him koda.

he was born in north dakota-
that's not why, but hey i thought it was worth mentioning~
"yah you betcha"
he's from out of state.

duke, our son's dog is kind of excited and kind of sad
and kind of confused...he's suddenly not the top dog here.

so there was a whole lotta~ let dog in, let dog out~ all day.
but day 1 is done and it didn't go too bad.
i told my hubbie that i think i deserve anything i want out of the
sundance catalog for being home and running this
doggie daycare though.
he didn't even hesitate- just said
"sure honey".
(can you say brown noser?)

the little fella weighs 15 lbs.
every time i had to pick him up and carry him somewhere he didn't want to go today
i was critically aware that our last chesapeake topped out at 115 lbs.
so it'll probably only be about 3 more weeks before he'll be running this show.
i'd better lay the smack down NOW while i still can, don't you think???

i'll end with this picture that i had to text to the whole family at noon.
it pretty much wraps up how duke was feeling about
the whole "situation".

koda was in his kennel downstairs for a while and i looked down and saw this.
this is koda's bed.

duke has had beds here and at the cabin.
he's never had even one, tiny bit of interest in any of them.

alpha male!

xo, the nanny


p.s. first day's done~ check
and if we're keeping track, 3 accidents in the house today.

p.s.s. he's pretty darned cute huh?
*p.s.s.s. puppies are a lot of work!

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  1. Beth, whatever he is seriously A-Dorable! Poor Duke, that last pic looks so pathetic, but it made me laugh that's for sure! Need to stop up and check out the daycare center soon!


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