Friday, March 28, 2014

it's been a blogging kind of week for me.
it's an indication of my newly found unemployment.

i talked to my sister yesterday about the restlessness i'm feeling.
sister is 2 years retired. she said she felt the same way - in the beginning-
but it goes away after about a year.

she admitted that now she has settled in and
tries to do one thing that matters everyday,
she then exaggerates it in her mind to seem very important.
(love her).
*we were raised by a strict grandmother who valued hard work
over most other things.

well anyhoo- cause i just felt like throwing you a little bone
to enjoy over the weekend, 
here's some pretties- i took some of these images 
and some of them are by others.

so many people love this song, especially to sing to children.

i have a very precious memory of my momma singing this song to us.

*yellow bird.  it was first recorded in 1957. (my mom sang it sweeter)  :  )

 please mother nature. if you're listening~ i'm ready for dinners on the deck!

i really love this soft, whimsical wall grouping for a child's room

if you've yet to discover this bottled juice from trader joes
you don't know what you're missing. drinking it makes
any small occasion feel like a   p a r t y  to me.

and speaking of trader's one of the best places to get yourself some
spring ranunculus.... really, go get yourself some- they are one of the most
beautiful of all the amazing flowers the good Lord gave us.

if you could, would you get yourself a few chickens? to have fresh eggs
everyday would be a real thrill. one of my favorite things about
small flocks of backyard chickens, is the names people choose for them.
names like henrietta and kaliope.

the grapevine budding out on our deck

we're looking forward to a family weekend at the lodge.
babies, puppies, grandsons, newly engaged lovebirds,
food, mud, fourwheelers, wellies, snoring, earplugs, laughter,
crowded tables, maybe even a stolen nap for some.

happy friday!

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  1. mmmm i have never been to trader joes...i need to go for those flowers!


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