Tuesday, December 17, 2013

want to see a miracle?

these are the dronen kids.
the oldest is 2, the middle pumpkin is 1 and
now they have a precious little girl.
this isn't just any little girl though- she is what I consider
a miracle.
Audrey Estelle was born at only 30 weeks gestation.

and that's not even the most miraculous part of her birth story~
her momma's water broke when she was only 25 weeks pregnant and
she was on vacation 800 miles from home.
she was rushed to the hospital and kept there-on complete bed rest-
for the next 5 weeks, while her little papoose girl incubated and
continued to grow- with no water bag to insulate her.
to tell you the truth, I've never heard of this happening and I didn't
even know it was possible!
against all odds, this strong little girl kept growing and thriving and
even though she was born 8 weeks early- she was unbelievably
healthy and got to come home to Minnesota
long before her expected due date of December 31st.

this family of five could not be sweeter. I'm constantly amazed at
Jessica's strength and patience as a mother. no one could do a better job
of raising 3 children under 3,  (& one a preemie.)
Blake flew back and forth between home in Minnesota and their two
little boys and his wife's side in Colorado, every few days for weeks and weeks and was
just a rock star husband and father. kudos to him too! 
: )

o.k, let's be real for a minute- Bennett is maybe just a tad
out of sorts about the fact that his momma had just gotten
home after "disappearing" for over 35 days- he's 1 after all and there's no way
he could understand all that was going on in their family.
good thing he is so absolutely adorable, we can forgive him any and all
melt downs and fingers up the nose right?
these two photos are just so funny and so real to me-...hee hee
I love these little boys!

I love this picture so much. it took a whole village of people who love and care
about this family to HOPE and pray and will this
precious baby to be born. she is here, and she is healthy and
she is so beautiful.
all 3 lbs. 15 oz. of baby girl!

 just wait till you see my next post.
it's from another photo shoot- and she's a couple
weeks older.
xo, beth

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  1. The sweetest pictures :) What a sweet little family!


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