Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a birthday in december~

December 10th
today is my friend leslie's birthday.
sunday she, her two daughters and I met in northfield to
celebrate her.
leslie's oldest daughter and her husband moved to this historic little town
in april and I hadn't been there yet to visit. I had seen a few pictures of their
home, but like I told them, no one went on sufficiently for me to have
been prepared for how wonderful it all is.

so, christa loves to decorate. almost as much as her momma. she learned from
the best and she
had outdone herself this Christmas! all these photos are in their home- touches of Christmas
were everywhere. it was a feast for the eyes and  it warmed my heart.

these ginger cookies are magic. rumor has it that you make a wish and lay one
in the palm of your hand, then press firmly in the center with one finger. if it breaks in
thirds- whatever wish you wished WILL come true. 

this tree is in their kitchen 

two of their 3 boys opening a little gift from grandma


here the littlest elf was hamming it up on the bed for me. he loved having his
picture taken. I loved taking them.  :  )

grama leslie gives each boy a nutcracker every Christmas. don't they
look festive all lined up on the mantle?

this is the front entry of their home. from the moment I walked in,
I was enchanted with this house.


 there is a screen porch on the front of the house. that's unusual, but the
house is nestled on a wooded lot and although they are in town,
they are at the end of a dead end street and it feels very private.
(i'd love a screen porch on the front of my house~)
see the photo below for a look at the whole front of their beautiful home.
wishing one of my oldest, dearest friends a happy birthday.
our day together was such fun (the roads were so treacherous we were nuts to drive down, but that's how much we love you Leslie)-
"i'll be back".
xo, beth
*I might have time to show you some of the
pics of downtown northfield later in the week.
if you haven't ever been there, you should
grab a friend and make a day of it.
it's on the river, old, historic and oh so charming! 

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