Tuesday, December 3, 2013

here are some favorite shots from our thanksgiving weekend

I decided I needed to peel one more potato and look at the one I pulled out of the bag.

cheesecake factory pumpkin dessert- y-u-m

my girl trying to protect her girl from the constant
ear licking by duke. poor kenzie. duke loves her. kind of a lot.

cole made this fabulous flag out of old pallets that are stacked in the woods.
i knew nothing about it- just got to the lodge and there it was on the wall!
he'd had the idea, built it, bought paint and cut a star stencil himself.
mama likey~

here's a swag I made for the fence

buffalo plaid is one of my favorite things. I like it for wool shirts, scarfs, tablecloths, you
name it. it just says lumberjack Christmas to me.

it's on to December now,
are you decorating yet? because thanksgiving was so
late this year the month of Christmas is going to fly by.
I hope to have the tree up and a lot of the decorating done by Monday.
here in Minnesota we got a few inches of new snow and it's
beginning to look and feel ALOT like Christmas,
have a blessed week,
xo beth
*today is my dear sister's birthday- "happy birthday dawnie- I love you"!!!


  1. I love the deer dishes! Are they Johnson Brothers? They remind me of some that Grandma had. I think Nancy has them now. It's nice to see that Cole inherited his craftiness from you! :)

  2. Yes Susie, they are- I just have a few pieces I've picked up here and there. Love them!


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