Monday, December 23, 2013

december 23rd...all is calm, all is bright

here are more of the photos I took in northfield
the day we celebrated Christmas and a birthday.

main street was like an image on a Christmas postcard.
old brick buildings- lovingly restored, beautiful window displays,
snowcapped steeples. snow softly falling. it was magical~

the town square

back at christas.
don't you just love this big noah's ark?
if you ever see a big ark like this for sale- get yourself it.
the animals are just plastic ones sprayed white.
it's wonderful.

her caroler collection

one of her boys sleeps in a very tall, built in bunk. it has it's own little
shelf and on it were a nativity with lights
and a beanie baby tiger to protect the flocks by night.
so sweet.

just one more sleep now, till the family gathers here round our tree and
we celebrate the miracle of Jesus's birth.
i feel peace all around me- the goodness of this season.
God bless you and keep you dear friends and family of mine,
xo, beth

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