Friday, December 20, 2013

our very own martha stewart

this post doesn't need a lot of words.
it's our book club's Christmas party at jill's.
*girlfriend is a rock star entertainer.*
she cooks, she decorates, she gives fabulous
favors, she makes the best meatballs & caramels in Minnesota.
 every year she invites the 7 of us who
have gathered to discuss books and
talk about our kids/ lives
for the past 14 years,
to gather at her table right before Christmas.
how lucky are we???

there was a collective gasp of wonder when each of us walked into her dining room!


jill even gifted each of us with a set of hand blown Christmas trees and candle
sticks from the table when the evening was over.
(it felt almost sacrilegious to me to strip this table of it's wonder)
but THANK YOU jilly!

the mcshanes put up a full size
Christmas tree with lights outside- in front of their living room window.
isn't that a fun idea?
it was a beautiful, cozy evening with girl friends-
a perfect way to celebrate the season.
 it's friday and I am officially done with
work till after the new year--- joy to the world!
xo, beth

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