Friday, December 13, 2013

she loves Christmas...

I made a boat load of vintage(y) little Christmas ornaments this fall.
they were time consuming, but easy, and i'm going to show you how~
*I started with small cardboard jewelry boxes
*you use both the top and the bottom
*first I painted them a creamy white
*then I thinned down glue and painted over the cream paint
then quickly sprinkled them with glitter
lots and lots of glitter!
(too much glitter isn't possible)
*next I used my antique typewriter and typed out phrases like
peace on earth.
*the next step was to cut out the individual words and mount a small
piece of cardboard on the back of each one, so when I glued them
in the little boxes, they'd stand out- and be 3-d.
*I also put a little glue and glitter around the outside of each word, let
them dry and glued them in the box.
*now the fun part...I bought these little Christmas trees at Micheals
and again put a bit of watered down glue and then glitter on them
*finally I glued the trees (when dried) to the bottom of the little boxes,
punched a hole in the top and strung string through to hang with 
there you have it-
tiny little shadow box ornaments.

i made almost 40 of these.... (and have some for
sale if you're interested~ )  :  )
this afternoon i started wrapping gifts and it's calming me to
know that that big job is getting done.
i also made a long list and did a grocery buy so when it's
snowing tomorrow i can hunker down and do some baking.
it's my Christmas party for work sat. and  now it truly feels like
Chirstmas to me.
enjoy the hustle and bustle of your weekend, and why don't you treat
yourself to a cup of something warm if you're out and about.
if you have a big sweetie, ask them to give you a little back rub maybe?
take a hot bath, light a candle- sit by your Christmas tree with your eyes closed for a bit- what i'm trying to say is this- don't forget to take a little time to enjoy yourself.
this month of December can and usually is kooky busy and in the blink of an
eye it will be January....... quiet, cold January.
be still for a while and do what you need to do to feel happy.
the rest can wait~
xo and joy,

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