Friday, October 9, 2015

celebrating 4 years as a blogger!

4 years ago on oct. 10th i excitedly wrote and hit "publish" on
my first blog post. 

this space has been so fun for me.
 as you know by now, my camera and i are
attached at the hip and i thought it would
be a fun way to share some of the
hundreds of photos i take every month.

i don't talk about anything earth shattering here or have any
interest in promoting products like so many bloggers do, 
i just like to give you a peek into my life.

i'm amazed and grateful at the number of times someone (like you) has 
come to brown sparrow studio to read my thoughts.
(close to 79 thousand times),
w o w

4 years ago I was still working for annie marie photography and loving
my days in the photography world. annie taught me much, mostly about
taking life a little less seriously! haha  (she's very laid back and i am pretty type A.)
when she found her soul mate and got married she decided to
close up shop and take her biz on the road to free up some of
her time and it was the catalyst for me to start taking my
photography more seriously and make it a business too.
now i'm one year into what has turned into such a blessing for me~
a real photography business of my own!

summer and fall are my busiest seasons so my blogging has had
to take a back seat, but i'm still here friends and last weekend i had a
girls weekend on the north shore.

oh how i love a day or two walking the beaches of lake superior!
if you've never hunted for beach glass then maybe you don't understand
our obsession with it, but it makes me so happy i can't even explain it.

it's a lot like being a sheller. someone who scours the oceans beaches for
that perfect sand dollar or shell, only my friends and i like
to dig in the sand and try to find the pretty little pieces of polished
glass that lie hidden . it's kind of a competition between us~ in a good way.

we stayed at the fabulous canal park lodge.
it's right down on the canal by the lake, shopping and great restaurants.

we shopped at fitgers and down in canal park till late afternoon and then headed to the hotel.
sat. night the lake was as angry as I've ever seen her. (i felt like i may be swept away at any
moment as the wind and waves crashed up and caught us off guard time and time again.)
below is what i found that night... wet to the waist and exhilarated we called it a night
and went to bed so we could head back out first thing in the morning.

this was just to make me laugh... serious searching going on.

the view out the window sun. morning was spectacular and i wasted no time throwing on
my slightly wet clothes and getting back out there.

i know, right???

this is leslie's treasures. girlfriend found the biggest, best pieces of robin's egg blue glass.

this is my i always bring home a pail of interesting rocks. just can't help myself~

maggie got the award for the most pretties. : )

this girl cracks me up. there is an inside joke about this face that
brings the two of us a lot of joy.
: )

well, that's a wrap about our weekend.
it's back to work for me & what promises to be a 
perfect fall weekend in minnesota.
they're even talking about 80 degrees on sunday!

hugs to you my faithful readers,


  1. Congrats! I also have a camera attached to mine! I would love to work for a photographer! What fun! Lovely shots!

  2. Thanks Monica! I adore your photos and blog too~ wish you were my neighbor.... xox


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