Wednesday, October 14, 2015

what will you leave?

i hope you will watch this sweet, sweet video.
i love it for so many reasons~ this dear old man joe,
is 95. he talks here about his love for family and
the legacy he wishes to leave them with.

did you watch it?
when he cried, i cried.

i talked to a friend this morning who just lost a dear friend.
her friend was only 53 and died in her sleep. 
my friend was sad because the last photos she had of them together
are gone. they were on her phone and her phone died.
she wishes she would have printed them.

please take the time to print photos that mean something to you.
as you know, photos mean a lot to me.
storing them on devices means little because there is no
guarantee that any of them will be retrievable (is that a word?)
or available in the future.

write things on paper. tuck them away.
print photos and write on the back who the people are.

and if you love paper like i love paper,
check out this company~ artifact uprising.
i love (and i mean LoVe) their books and photos.
they print on recycled paper.
i know you're busy, but take photos and print photos...
write things on paper that your loved ones can hold in
their hands when you're gone.
leave a legacy,

have a really great day,


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