Saturday, October 24, 2015

last week on my way home from an early evening photo shoot
 i took a detour to take photos just for me.

as someone who sees the world through the lens of a camera,
there is nothing better than beautiful fading light.

umm hmm
yes i will screech to a stop and back up my jeep
quickly rolling down my window to snap
a good picture.

i should have one of those farmers
'slow moving vehicle" signs on the back of the
jeep to warn anyone who's behind me.

see the house nestled in down the hill?

i love a big old barn. i grew up on a dairy farm with two barns
and i'll forever love their giant beauty. i like to think of all
the animals they've kept warm on cold winter nights.
my grandfather hauled a lot of heavy milk cans full of
milk straight from the cows, to a tank at the base of our farms
windmill. all of his grandkids loved to hop on the two wheeled
wooden cart he had full of cans and catch a ride.
(like it wasn't heavy enough already).
: )

i need to go "home" soon and drive by our old farm place.
i'm not sure if grandpa's windmill still stands or not.

i took the rest of these photos today in my yard and behind our house.

this is my view across the street. my sweet neighbor bridgette likes
old junk like i like old junk. she came home all excited from "junkin"
a few weeks ago and she'd scored this little old wheelbarrow and the 
red wagon. she's already borrowed me the wagon for a photo session!

this is a long lens shot, of the home i look at out our living room window.

there is a walking path that runs along our back yard and it's
just gorgeous right now~ maple trees lined up like
toy soldiers.

the berries on our flowering crab will feed lots of birdies

oh nature, thank you for your never ending beauty~

this is probably the last week of spectacular fall leaves on the trees around
here. the hubs reported that up at the lodge they're all on the ground already.

soak it up friends, get outside if you possibly can this weekend.
i always think every fall is prettier than the last, but seriously~
this one has been the best!

i get to hang out with a senior in the darling town of
excelsior this afternoon and take his senior pictures.
my mission is to find some wow backgrounds to
showcase fall~

xo, beth

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