Friday, October 30, 2015

it's halloween weekend, and i'll be honest~ i'm not a big 
fan of this holiday. 
oh the candy for kids part and cute decor i'm all for,
but the scary-all black-rip-bloody faces part?
nooooooo, let's just not okay?

i took some pictures around the house to show you the little
bit of decorating i did for fall/halloween.

this first pic is just some of the few remaining flowers from
the garden. now that the glorious season of having my own flowers
to pick and bring in is almost over, i snip every single blossom
and bring it in to enjoy "close up".

velvet pumpkins and a little .99 mousie from ikea

the fireplace mantel got a new look for fall.
my youngest makes a lot of cool stuff from old pallet wood. 
i snatched this rectangular board that i think he'll make into a 
flag, and leaned it on the mantle.

 if you were me, would you paint this knotty pine? lars loves the knotty pine-
such an outdoorsy guy kind of look, but it's soooo 80's-
i'm starting to think about what it would look like painted...a whitewash maybe?

i filled this little yard sale allspice container with fresh anise stars and they
smell sooo good in the kitchen~ the cobwebs on the screen? i left 'em for a spooky look.

when i heard it was going to freeze, i brought a few plants in from the deck.
if you're a geranium and you're still blooming in october, yes, YES 
you may come inside and hang out for the winter!

i can't remember what this plant is called, but it's a trailing one and after just one
night in the dining room i noticed it had decided to just start wrapping itself
around the closest chair.
: )

i won't be here for the trick or treaters this year so i didn't even have to decide
which kind of mini candy bars to buy. i am a big fan of those little
 two bite delights though...
 heath's are high on my list, followed by the old 100 grand bar.

have a great weekend, and if someone my age, who looks kind of like me 
comes to your door dressed up...just go with it k?

"trick or treat"!!! 


  1. Not my favorite either, but I do it for the kids. HAve already taken down the Halloween decor this morning,and enjoy the fall touches that remain.

  2. I hope you were able to grab a couple 1000 Grand bars from my bucket! There weren't many of those left!

  3. No Suz, I didn't even look in your treat pail... shucks! I was thinking today that while you were busy making supper for all of us we should have passed out the candy for you instead of you having to do it. (although I think you maybe wanted to see if it was your students at the door?)


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