Sunday, September 27, 2015

the fam gathered at the lodge last weekend to celebrate
chris and adria's birthdays and all the hunters slapped
on their camo and headed to the woods in the wee morning hours
to begin the bow hunt.

driving up fri. night there was the most amazing sunset~
omgoodness! i know i say that a lot, but this was the most amazing one... 
the gold medal of sunsets!
i begged eric to pull over and take a few pictures with 
my camera~ not just cell phone shots.
the picture below has not been edited~ at all.
can i get an AMEN?

when we got there, dad broke out the jerky he made and not just the humans wanted to try it.

sat. morning i was tickled pink to discover flowers blooming
in my very neglected garden. i got a clippers and filled a big bucket to take
in the cabin and arrange. : )

this large screen door (wall) that lars made is
a favorite place to sit and soak up the goodness of the north woods.

the strawberries are still setting on a few last berries for the year.
(the pellets are fertilizer not animal droppings).

the family that built our buildings did hand prints in the wet cement and
i'm glad they did. isn't this fun?

i have NO recollection of planting these chenille flowers~ fairies must have done it.

antlers woven in a chandelier

i found one precious poppy~

mismatched chairs around our table make me happy.
hmmmm....which one do i want to sit on tonight? 

a shot from outside, looking in thru the screen.

big round bales in the field

saturday nite's sunset

the birthday kids~ adria's dad made them a lemon chiffon, angel food cake
it was yummy.

according to lars, if you don't have a dog to snuggle up to,
you're totally missin' out~ just sayin.
if you squint hard you don't even see all the dog hair on your sheets!

 it is unseasonably warm here in mn.
and i'm looking forward to sweater weather.
next weekend i'll be on the north shore of lake superior with
girlfriends and i bet it will be crisp!
i hope it will be anyway~ i want to bundle up and dig for sea glass
while the waves lap at my feet.

 hugs and happy sunday,


  1. Those gorgeous flowers look perfect in front of the window….my favorite combo of mixed colors. Cosmos always perks up a display.

    1. Right Monica? I love the little gold ones, but they don't last as long as pink!


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