Friday, September 4, 2015

summer photo album

hi guys!

how are you surviving the red hot days of september so far?
"thank you Jesus" for air conditioning!

i've been so busy take photos for clients lately that
i haven't had time to take many just for fun~ just
for my blog, so how bout today if i share some of my 
latest favorites from my clients sessions?

(can i just tell you that i am feeling so absolutely blessed
at how brown sparrow studio photography is growing)?

*to have work that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the
morning is truly a huge blessing. 
life is short guys, i have recreated my "job title" many times
in my adult life. i've had the opportunity to try
so many different career paths, including being a florist,
a para professional, an artist, a house cleaner, doing daycare for
3 precious little people, owning a store, working for
a phenomenal photographer and now...
doing photography myself.
(thanks Lars for working at a reg. job and giving us the benefits that
being self employed doesn't offer)
: )

if you're stuck in a job that makes you want to hit the snooze
and over
and over,

take a step back and see what you can do to create the life
you have imagined, will you?
life is just so short~and oh so precious.

here then, is some of what i think is my best work from the summer~


                                                                                                                        please do not use these photos without permission.

hope your long holiday weekend is great~ if you don't have plans, why not
~pick flowers, buy a new magazine, eat food on a stick, try paddle boarding,
take a nap, take a photo, call a friend, sit in front of a fan, 
pet a dog, go out for ice cream, plan a weekend away, rock in a rocking chair,
go to a farmers market, whistle, make a bucket list,
go for a bike ride, or just do nothing ~

love ya, beth

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