Wednesday, January 21, 2015

we have the most beautiful layer of new snow coating
the yard today and i had a lovely
dinner out with dear friends last night~
mill valley kitchens in st. louis park...
have you been there?

remember i mentioned that i'm reading the book
simple abundance again?
the author sarah, keeps reminding us that 
one of the simplest paths to happiness,
is being mindful and giving thanks for what we have been given.
i'm finding it the nicest way to end my day.
i'm not even writing it down, it's just becoming a really
easy habit to crawl into my warm bed at night
and about 2 seconds after my head hits the pillow,
my thoughts turn to some of the nicest parts of my day.
some are big, but most of them are just little things and
it's a whole new way of praying.

just giving thanks.

if the only prayer you ever said in your whole life was thank you,
that would be enough.     meister eckhart

the truth of the matter is, the first step to enjoying our lives
is to be grateful for the life we have been given.
*trust that God knew what he was doing when he gave
your life to you.

i'm a work in progress- always, but doing this-
just being conscious of all my blessings- just
gives me more peace than about anything else
i can think of.

i'm not a calm person by nature...i seriously probably
have adult ADD. my brain always feels like a pinball machine~
or a computer with too many tabs from one thought
to another. calming down at night is hard for me, so whatever i
can do to relax is helpful. 
(lavender oil rubbed on my feet, or a cup of sleepytime tea help too).

so, i've been waiting for our hardware store to get quickcrete in for me
and it's here- yeah! more word bricks coming soon.

i've also been waiting for the book small victories, by anne lamott
and it's sitting on the hold shelf at the library for me. : )

i have a photo shoot tomorrow that i'm super excited about it.
i'll be taking pictures of a friends 80 year old momma for her.
 i consider getting these opportunities 
sacred ground.

and last but not least, a floral designer that i greatly admire,
(and only just recently met), invited me to accompany her to a 
stylized photo shoot on friday. 
how lucky am i? i even asked her if i could bring my camera and
her response was: 
"yes, and you can post any and all photos of me- as long as
i don't have a double chin on them".

i can tell we're going to have fun.

i'm off to color my hair~ 
(hair color may or may not be mentioned in my list tonight).

xo, beth

i just re-read this post and the ADD seemed very apparent... haha 
maybe a cup of sleepytime tea would be good right now- even though it's
only 9 a.m.?

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