Thursday, January 8, 2015

little boy blue~

my little friend jack will be turning 2 soon, so
 when their family was here from out of state over the holidays
i got the opportunity to take his pictures.

22 months is such a fun, busy stage~
everything interests "littles" this age...
as long as you just let them do their thing and just snap away.
i took these picture in about 9 different areas and
it worked like a charm to just keep moving around and distracting him. : )

i had fun playing with textures when i was editing~

this may be in my top 10 favorite photos ever. this little belly? be still my heart.

boysie has the biggest blue eyes~

and amazing eyelashes to go with the baby blues...

hope you enjoy these mommy and daddy~
blowing love across the states today~ all the way to
windy chicago.

xo b.

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