Friday, January 16, 2015

i've had a busy week and one of the things i've been up to is
sitting at my computer~for hours~ designing a website for my
 photography business. i know now why people charge a lot of mula to design them...
  (my sister said when i told her what i've been doing, "i thought you had
to go to school for a few years to learn how to do that").
it's a big learning curve for me but i'm almost ready to
let it go live and i'll put the site address here when it's done so you can 
see it. it's not fancy but i'm kind of proud
that i figured it out myself.

i also dug out this cool brick making kit and mixed up a pail
of cement in the dungeon (basement) and i felt like one of the
three little pigs. do you think they made their house out of 
bricks with words on them? hey don't laugh, maybe they did~
maybe at least one of the 3 was crafty.

you mix up cement, pour it in one of these molds and then stamp words on them.

why not use a silver creamer for your water~

here are some of my finished bricks

you can use them inside or out. they're just kind of a fun, unique item to 
add a little fun to a display!

enjoy your weekend!

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