Monday, January 26, 2015

creativity is my drug~

so when the talented floral designer
ashley fox
(of ashleyfoxdesigns)
called and offered me the opportunity to
assist her at an editorial 
photo shoot last friday, i picked myself up
off the floor and said YES. 

the shoot was orchastrated by jody savage
(of jodysavagephotography,) and it went down at
the new rudy's event rentals in st. paul.
on the way to the shoot, ashley and i 
made a quick stop at a bridal shop to pick up
the $4000 vera wang bridal gown the model 
would be wearing.
ashley said she felt nervous even being
responsible for it on the drive to rudy's.
: )

ashley's car was loaded to the gills with gorgeous
florals, hand-dyed ribbons, antlers, candlesticks, candles,
tumbleweed and tools.
*oh and there was the old chicken feeder.
girlfriend carried it in thinking to herself
"hmm, wonder what we'll use that for".

there was a plan and it included a ton of different
areas needing to be staged and prettied up so we carried
everything in, ashley got set up and gave me some 
instructions and we got to work on the floral parts
while the stunning model was busy getting her hair
and makeup done off to my right and the planner 
and jody were starting to move furniture and set up
things in the shooting area.

then the "groom" called and said he was on his way to
the ER, so the girls scrambled to find another
handsome, available dude to fill in, in a tux.
mission was accomplished, and i regret i don't
have a single picture of the cute, polite~
artist that showed up and hung with us girls.

jody will be submitting her photography to some
big time publications and i can't wait to see if
this amazing day will be featured in something i can 
hold in my hands. jody shoots with film.
i guess it's making a big comeback with the 
serious photography community.
who knew?

so, grab a glass of merlot (or at least put some lemon in 
your water~ this is too ethereal for just plain water) 
and enjoy an album of the beauty that little old me 
got to be a part of~ 

 *still pinching myself.

                                                                                                                       yes i played with some fun editing tools~

                                                                                               ms. ashley got to work on a centerpiece for the head table

     this gorgeous "thingy" inspired me so much that i stopped at a thrift shop that night and began to make a much smaller version of this for my daughter's wedding~

                                                                                                           ashley's lunch, an apple lays amongst her flowers

                                                  remember this face~ this fresh faced young beauty has already walked runways in paris~

                        the "vera" gets hung. this was my project.i got to design the arrangement for over the table. under all that                                                                                    eucalyptus is the chicken feeder- not even kidding! 


                                                                                                                                 obsessed with this font

                                                                                                                do you think i ate one of these donuts?

                                                                                         this is the bridal bouquet that ashley designed... ohhhh

                                                                  we were way more tired at the end of the day than this picture shows.....

ashley, thank you for the opportunity to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of
what a photo shoot for a magazine looks like.
there was so much talent in that room that day. each artist quietly
doing what they do best and it all came together in
such a breathtaking way.

i was on a total sensory/beauty overload when i got home and
like i said, creativity is my drug, so i collapsed in my
big chair, had a glass of wine and marveled at 
what a lucky girl i am.

*so thankful they allowed me to take photos too 
and share them with all of you~

xo, beth

and yes, i sure did eat one of those powdered donuts.

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