Thursday, January 29, 2015

it's been awhile since theodore has been on the blog,
so today it's all about my little red friend.

this is the sunrise that greeted me one morning last week....
sunrises and sunsets are some of our loveliest blessings aren't they?

love when i can catch him in motion like this...

he's naughty, but so stinking cute~look at the teeny little
ice chunks on his whiskers.

did i tell you how i felt so sorry for him and the birds one day
when it was bitterly cold, that i got a bushel basket and some old
sweat pants from the garage and put them on the deck-up on a lawn chair so if they
wanted a place to get in out of the cold they could hunker down in there?
i don't think any of them have used it- but heeeeey- i thought it was a 
good idea. (where do they sleep anyway?) i kind of worry about my little backyard friends.

theo resents all the other critters who'd like to share the birdseed,
including this pretty cardinal. if he could fly he'd go after them.
as it is he just chases them at high speed, leaping from branch to branch,
down on the deck, up on the furniture~ you get the picture.
he's really naughty, but i can't help but like him anyway. he entertains me 
on a daily basis.

that's the end of the backyard report for today,

ta ta,


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