Monday, November 11, 2013


my day Friday was scheduled with busy-ness.
my to-do list was long and so heading to the grocery store
~when between my casa and the grocer i saw an
enticing sign that read:
i thought briefly about just driving on by.
wellllllll......... then it hit me that yard sale season
is as good as over in cold old minnesota
and i could not resist.
so glad I didn't. in a little living room on a quiet little
street a woman named judy was having a sale.
everything was clearly marked and clean and
  here's what i
came home with.
10 bucks folks. (thought it was going to the cabin- love it so much i
may keep it here so i can enjoy it everyday.)
this big red H.  HOME to me. $4 
really old copper boiler. will be used for kindling by our stove up north. $25 
frame for the lodge- $4
and last but not least, this pretty little chandelier. i will hang it above the
bed at the lodge. it's going to make the bedroom "chic-cabinesk" don't you think?
a great steal at $18!
i will miss yard sales and the thrill of scouting for
the rare, the cheap, the unique loot that
someone else is ready to part with.
it is only 21 degrees here tonight.
 until next spring i will just
have to be content with
an occasional stop at a thrift shop right?
i had a most wonderful weekend with 7 other
girls and will be back later in the week to
tell you a little bit about our fun.
i always have a sore throat after those weekends,
a combination of
 excessive talking,
 lack of sleep and my
horrible snoring.
hope your week is great!
*remembering all our past and present military
personnel with so much gratitude today.
we live in the most blessed county in the
world and we have them to thank for that!
xo, beth

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  1. What great finds! I know that internal debate that happens when you see one of those glorious signs. Bet you are so glad you give in to the urge!


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