Thursday, November 14, 2013

girl's weekend

last weekend was a girls weekend in redwood falls.
this is the 3rd annual and we were all sooo
excited to see each other and start the fun!
my cousin sue hosts the event and we already
have long standing traditions and a
plan for how the weekend will play out.
friday evening we go to the rusty bucket for dinner
then head to the nearby casino for about an hour
of wild, reckless gambling- throwing
around pennies and nickels like they
grow on trees!
i'm proud to report that I was the big winner this
year~walking away with $20 more than i walked in with.
here's the six oldest girls in the group- there are
also two in their 20's and they add so much spice to the pot~

we bring each other bed prizes and these fun sodas were part of the
goodies barb brought each of us.

settle down, these are candy cigarettes

suz decided to plan her meals around our grama irene's recipes.
here she begins a tutorial for her nieces on how to make
homemade egg noodles.
chicken and noodles is one of my favorite meals-so
i was stoked.

these 2 funsters surprised us with a ceremony that
included queen like sashes for all. it was hilarious and will
be remembered for a long time. there was a story that went
with each presentation.
(thanks girls!)

Saturday we go shopping and one of the stops is the
one local thrift shop. we have a $5 limit and we each buy something
to give one of the other girls. this year sue had us draw
names so we knew who we were buying for.
***the ladies at the thrift shop even remember us from
year to year and help us hide and quickly check out with
our prizes.
maddie got this lighted village from dawn and she
was genuinely excited as she's getting married in the
coming year and is just starting to collect Christmas d├ęcor. 

kim had a carefully thought out story
about each of the prizes she bought for her
little sister sue.   :  )

my sister and i.    nuff said


sue is an elementary teacher. she has a lot
of fun kid-like stuff in the bedroom i always
sleep in. this hat is an example.
every single year i have come home from this
weekend so tired i feel physically ill.
that's the true marker of a great weekend with
friends or relatives. you've laughed till your
stomach hurts, eaten way to much, slept too little
and have a bunch of new favorite memories to
store away.
thanks sue for a great time!
i'm minutes away from leaving to meet my nieces
new baby.
pretty sure she'll allow me to do a post
with photos so you can all see how
stinking cute he is!
happy almost weekend!!!!!!!!!!
xo, beth

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