Wednesday, November 20, 2013

so fresh from God~

well family and friends, here he is~

this is the sweet baby our family has
been so eagerly anticipating.
i'd like to introduce you to 
barrett nyland sommers.
his parents have already nicknamed him Bear.  :  )
barrett's middle name is in honor of his great grandfather
& it was his great great grandmother's maiden name.
the nyland family were boat makers in Norway way back.
they still are in fact.
it's a good strong name.
meeting him last fri. and taking these photos 
when he was 6 days old, was a highlight of my year.
(there's something about a baby that just softens the
hard edges of life~  don't you think?)

 not much cuter than a newborn yawn

this precious baby is my brother's first grandchild. todd bought this snuggle
bear for his daughter on the day she was born and now here's
 his grandson with it. 

i'm in love with this little burrito baby already and I don't think
his chubby cheeks and sweet little face could be any cuter!

 my sister in law and brother are "over the moon" in love with this baby.

the only bummer of the trip to visit them,
was that barrett's daddy had to go back to work
the day i was there.
i promised matt that the next time we're together, we're doing a photo session
with just he and his son.
my niece ashley and her baby.
(aren't they beautiful?) 

well... sigh....... this has been fun.
i don't know if there is anything more miraculous,
 than the soft skin, sweet smell and
tiny feet~ of a brand new baby.
welcome to the world little one,
I cannot wait to watch your life unfold.
hugs and kisses and so much love.
xo, auntie

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