Monday, November 18, 2013

stay warm~

today i've got a bunch of random stuff to share with you-
first off, here is that darling little chandelier i scored at a sale for less
 than 20 bucks a couple weeks ago. it's found it's home at the lodge.
"let there be light"
out this same window by daylight, I love watching the birds at
the feeder. I will stand for long periods of time trying to get a
good photo. when my arms start to shake i have to call it quits.  :  )
sunflower seeds keep chickadees fed and warm.

the addition of this wood stove up north made the living room a favorite place
to hang out. although there is in-floor heating, there's nothing
like coming in from the cold and huddling up to a wood fire. 

one more warm fall photo

next up, here's a little project i did. i am seeing all kinds of
these hand warmers for sale. i decided to try and make some
with supplies i had on hand. (no pun intended).
i had some cuffs left from an ivory sweater i'd cut up for a pillow.
i cut thumb holes and then zig zagged around the raw edges.
next i layered on a row from blue jeans.

then for a finale i used some stretchy brown velor left from the pumpkins
i made in October. the 2 photos below are the cuffs inside out.

there's never anyone around when i need my photo taken, so
here's a self portrait in the mirror wearing the hand warmers.
 what do you think? have you had a pair of these yet?
do they keep your hands warm enough?
when you are always taking pictures-even in the winter- you
need your fingers free- so they're great!

duke hasn't made the blog for quiet a while, so here he is.
modeling a hat i made.
(try holding a hat on a dog and taking a photo at the same time.
you gotta be quick. and doesn't he look like he's about
8 ft. long from this angle?) 

i think he liked the scarf better than the hat.
you know how some dogs look like they're smiling?
well not this pup. he's a happy dude-really he is and he
makes us all happy too- but he has a sober face. even
when someone isn't dressing him up, he has a handsome,
but somber face.
he looks warm though don't you agree?  :  )
so there was a bunch of ideas for staying warm in chilly minnesota. 

there's a beautiful full moon tonight and i'm snug in my
big chair watching the voice. i had my yearly physical complete
with a mammogram and flu shot this morning- always such a relief
to be done with all that stuff.
i can't wait to do a post with some of the
beautiful photos i took of little barrett last friday, he's
one of those babies that are going to stop people in their
tracks. (baby gap are you listening?)
 see you
in a few!
xo, beth

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