Friday, November 8, 2013

this is isie.
she's my niece's sweet 7 yr. old.
she's been such a blessing
to our whole family. she is a 
soft spoken, petite little honey
and she's beautiful isn't she? 
i've been wishing we could do a photo shoot
for way too long as she is growing up
way too fast.
a couple weeks ago we got our chance- (i think she
was as excited as i was) so
these are for you little isabelle lydia!

love you little peanut girl~
*it is with great joy that our family welcomed another
little pumpkin this morning as well.
barrett nyland sommers
i cannot wait to meet you and comb
your thick gorgeous black hair!
congratulations to my niece ashley and her
hubbie matt! this little boy is very lucky to
have been born to the two of you.

p.s.  (your pregnancy was the longest one EVER for me
ash. next time please don't tell me till you're at
least 2 weeks pregnant k.?  lol   i've just
been sooo excited to have a baby in the fam again!)
my little brother was so darned cute when
he called to tell me about his first grandchild.
i said "who do you think he looks like?"
and he replied in a soft voice,
"you know, I really think he looks like me.
he has a head of thick black hair and
dark skin".
it made me cry.
tears of happiness, of course.
* my three kiddos are joining their papa
up north for the big deer hunt this weekend.
good luck and be safe dear ones!!!


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  2. It seems I haven't seen Issie since she as a wee toddler.... and she still has a beautiful spirit about her. Thanks for sharing!!
    Cindy Sue aka "mom". I don't know why.

  3. thanks "mom" : ) I appreciate you leaving a comment!!! xoxox


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