Monday, December 7, 2015

making and decorating cut out sugar cookies is a larson tradition.
i've been making them since my 3 chickadees were wee babies
and as they grew up they each joined in on the fun and although
i don't make them for every holiday anymore, we always
manage to find a few hours in december to throw flour around, mix up colored
frosting and decorate our little hearts out.

my daughter suggested we make our cookies after Thanksgiving dinner this year.
i had every intention of getting the dough mixed and in the fridge to chill before she 
got to my house, but i diddled around too long with other stuff/stuffing and
so after we ate our turkey dinner i mixed the dough and we were off and
 i sold my big dining room table a year ago and so
far am just getting by with a tiny little gem i found at goodwill, so i had to
bring in a card table so we'd have enough room for this big process.

i forgot to take any pics of the rolling and cutting part, but here
the baked cookies were piling up...(next year i want one of those cute cookie cutters
that is a tree on a truck.)    : )

i'm fussy about the colors of the frosting,
and it's a science to get them just right:

 "the yellow is a little too "yellow".
"oh shoot... now it looks like mustard!"

the fun part for us is not the mixing or the rolling, or the cutting or the baking~
it's the decorating!!!

my oldest took an occasional break from the football game to see
how we were doing (and sneak dough or lame cookies). he also 
tried his hand at putting some stripes on a candy cane. with a spoon.
dude's got some talent. 
*one of his high school jobs was cleaning the bakery at byerlys grocery store.

ignore the nasty pan and focus on the artistry k?

 ad had two parties she wanted to bring her cookies to, 
i on the other hand, just might eat them all myself. 
i kid.

i thought it would be pretty to take a picture of some cookies
against the beautiful snow we had that weekend.
(all our snow is gone now and i don't like it at all... just say'n)

right before she left, my girl lifted up her hoodie and flashed me this
funny t-shirt she got as a gift.
: )

hope your monday is kind to you and if
you have any extra kindness to share,
scatter it around like glitter. everywhere you go~

xo, beth

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