Sunday, November 29, 2015

back it up to Fall~

there have been a few extra busy weeks for me
as a photographer and as a result i haven't
had time to floss my teeth, vacuum or write a blog post.
(please don't look too closely at my castle if you stop over).
but here i am~ i'm back!

these pics are from up north during deer hunting season.
everyone goes out to freeze in a deer stand but the dogs and i.
we stay in where it's warm. They nap, i keep the woodstove full, do a bit of dusting, 
a bit of cooking, quite a bit of reading
and life is good.

i did get lars to help me forage in the woods for red twigs and
evergreen boughs to bring home for my window box and i'll show you
that in another post.

i like to wire fresh evergreen to the bird feeding station because it
looks festive and gives our little friends more shelter when they
come to feed.

oh and i dug the carrots, they grew like crazy this year.

my one and only daughter...we call her "the huntress" is the only
one of the gang that goes out before dawn to hunt and never comes in
all the live long day.
all the guys come in to use a bathroom, take a nap, eat whatever
i'm cooking etc.
not mrs. pettit. 
girlfriend is hardcore. she's always the last one in at night too.

our 3 fur balls do not like being left behind. they nap ~out of boredom, but are
always on high alert...snapping to attention at the first sound of
anyone returning.

i treasure this antique sign. it was my grams.

i snapped a few photos on my way home on tuesday. this is the road that leads away
from our cabin.

you see a lot of these at the end of driveways up north. (and locked gates).

 look closely and you'll see antlers hanging on the little shed.
hunters love their antlers and like to display them.
(in case you haven't noticed, antlers are "in" for home decor)

i guess that means i was cool before it was cool?

hello big black bull

i love old worn out, once loved houses like this.
imagine the stories it could tell.
the colors are so muted and beautiful it looks like a painting.

Thanksgiving has come and gone now and as far as i'm concerned,
even though the calendar still says november...
we are officially in full blown Christmas Season.

i have turned my outside lights on for about a week and will go get
our tree soon. i love this month so much, as everything ramps up and
we get ready to celebrate the birth of a baby~ 
a baby that changed everything.

peace and love,

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