Wednesday, November 11, 2015

i just got home from 6 days at our cabin. ( i call it the lodge).
it is hunting season and all 3 of our kids ~our 2 boys and 1 girl~ love to 
hunt and fish. they have followed in their father's footsteps...footsteps leading
them to the lake, into the woods, 
& into cabelas.
: )

i have always preferred to watch from the sidelines,
cheering them on, but never learning to clean
a fish or cook wild game. (i'm smart like that).

while they are out doing all that hunting stuff i busy myself inside, 
cooking, doing laundry and
cleaning...oh the cleaning.
with muddy boots, 3 big dogs  and sandy soil, 
the cleaning there is never ending. well, on day 2 of being there i
bent over to pick up a patio table and my back went out on me.
i was in a lot of pain and couldn't really do any of the things i would
normally have been doing, so i just sat in a recliner.

it bugged me because i felt restless and useless.
i had magazines and books to read and my computer on my lap,
but like most women, i'm not used to sitting around all
day. by day 2 i could do more, but i also just worked on not feeling
 guilty~ having a bad backache is kind of like
being sick right? and being sick is literally the only time i don't feel
guilt if i'm not being productive.
i ended up actually liking that i had an "excuse" to not work 
the whole time i was there. it was like a little knock upside
the head to just relax.

well i stumbled on the video below today and i think it's
worth watching. our world keeps spinning us faster and faster
and as women, (especially any of you who are younger and 
reading this) we really need to give ourselves permission
to just chill out more. 
give yourself permission
 and then please
encourage your daughters, sisters and girlfriends, to do the same.

now...will you take a breather and watch this great 3 minute video made in the UK?
i loved the british accents and the suggestion to make a "don't do" list.


i'm going to bed to read now,
xox~ beth

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