Friday, December 18, 2015

mug shots~

i got a fun text and photo from my niece on tues. telling me she's
obsessed with a mug i'd recently sent her.
(#anthro  #thriftshopfind   #letterJ)

it made me smile, and since i was drinking tea at the time
i snapped a pic of my Christmas mug and sent it back to her.
i also told her that i was obsessed with mugs. period.

i probably get a new/thrift shop mug every couple of months to add
to my collection and i have a lot~ 
but you know what??? i drink hot beverages all day and 
i don't understand how someone can find pleasure in
using the same ones day after week after month.

having a new mug just ups the ante or pleasure of
a warm cuppa something in your hand!
out with the old, in with the new.

*i get bored easily...and like to think that's the artist in me.
: )

that was all leading up to me showing you my Christmas mug collection.

this one is new this year...i bought it in honor of theo- the little
red squirrel that raids my bird feeders everyday~isn't he cute with a scarf?
i should knit one for T.

gingerbread men = Christmas

new this year, this one if from a resale shop and i love it's
scandanavian look

the polka dot mug above has this little detail on the inside.
love a little inside surprise!

this mug is for sure a fav~ at this house we love big red trucks and labrador pups.

it has inside flair too!


and speaking of snow, we've had some, but then it just keeps melting! not o.k.

my neighbor laurie surprised me with this darling "snow globe".
she made it using an old salt shaker, a bottle brush tree and snow.
the vintage ornament hung from bakers twine is the best! thanks laur!

this is my brand new mug and plate--- special gifts from my 
Christmas in northfield last sunday.
it's simple and i love it.

i wish this was a scratch and sniff blog post. i wish you could just smell this
Christmas potpourri that friend leslie makes every year.
she gave me a giant bag of it and i poured it in this wooden
bowl and my holidays are complete.

*girlfriend has been making her own potpourri for years and years. she 
forages for rose hips, pine cones & beautiful pine boughs, then adds
her hand made cinnamon stars, orange peel, anise stars, orris root, cinn. sticks
and who knows what else...all i can say is: lucky me. 

i saw the movie version of the nutcracker by the New York City ballet last week
(that beautiful music spells Christmas to me),
 had a fun Christmas party in 
the darling town of northfield last sunday (i'll be blogging soon
with pictures of all that fun) and i've started some holiday baking finally...

we're all extra busy right now i know, but if you stop by i'll let you pick
whichever Christmas mug you like, and we can share some Christmas tea.

xo, b.


  1. I love you so much Auntie Beth. I love all the cups!!

  2. I love you so much Auntie Beth. I love all the cups!!

  3. Come and share some tea with me Jessie Dawn!!! Love you a latte'!


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