Monday, December 21, 2015

happy Christmas week!

i thought i'd show you my window box  and the steps as i
was putting it together. 

i had fun assembling it with greens and
dogwood that my hubbie & i cut from the woods around the cabin.

i can't wait for it to be coated in snow and
it sounds like some may be coming right after Christmas.

before i began, i had to pull up what was left of the summer plants in the box.
this summer's growing season just went on with the
warm fall temps and there was still many lots of stuff blooming. 

i started out by putting red dogwood twigs in the center- using the soil that
was already in the box as my base.

then i started filling in with evergreens...

lars and i found some branches that had these interesting white cone
type deals on the ends, so i used some of those too~

most of the red berries here are artificial and i save them and use them from year to year,
but the white spheres made from birch bark and grapevine are new.
(available at tonkadale nursery)

i finished it off by adding  dried pee gee hydrangeas from the garden and white lights.
the hydrangeas aren't wired in...just pushed down in and pretty secure just by
being surrounded by the rest of the materials.

our kitchen table is in this bay and it looks almost as fun from the inside
as it does from the outside. * it's my winter secret garden.

now~ i know i sound like a broken record, but
snow baby snow!


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