Monday, July 27, 2015

florida in june~

so, why you may be thinking, did my hubbie and I go to florida in june?

to do the photography
for a friend's destination wedding.
the first two days we were working, but then we had
two days to switch from sweaty photographers to just regular old sweaty tourists.
(hee hee-sue if you're reading this, we really didn't mind).

we stayed at the amazing marco beach ocean resort on marco island.
we don't vacation very often so it was super
fun to be out of our everyday routine (and have a bathroom covered in marble).
 : )

even though we didn't watch much tv- if there's a remote, a man's gotta
hold it and make sure he hasn't forgotten how it works huh.
we had a cute living room, full kitchen and a separate bedroom which
came in handy when yours truly was snoring.

friday morning i took a walk around the resort and took some pictures.

this was the view from our deck. palm trees, blue sky and ocean.

the temperature while we were there was "hotter than haiti".
the humidity was pretty much the same
 and when i walked outside my camera lens would fog up. 
like this.
when that happens, no amount of wiping it off helps, you just have to
wait for it to stabilize.

thursday and friday we were working, but saturday our work was done and
 we put on our swim suits and headed to the sea.

it was a first for us to have a cabana boy walk us to a chair and lay out our
towels. see all these chairs~ we laid in them and relaxed until we 
couldn't stand the heat and then we'd saunter into the ocean and cool off.
i am always on the look out for sharks when i'm in ocean water, but lars doesn't
give them a second thought. i asked him if he didn't at least think about them and
he said, "nope, if that's the way i go, that's a good story". 

i am kind of thrifty but i just had to have that cabana boy deliver me
a $20 frozen beverage. oh yeah.
i was celebrating one of our kids getting married, my work on the island being
completed and the fact that i had escaped all shark attacks once again.
they're out there you know. they are.
(just play the theme song from jaws in your head).

the white sand beach went as far as the eye could see, and we walked the length of it.
i love to hunt for good shells so my head is always pointed down.


my sweetie and i in shadow form. (my shadow is taking a picture- go figure).

 there were tiny sand crabs in this tide pool. 

off in the distance i saw this grandmother and her precious little
one just sitting looking out to sea. 

i stopped and visited with them a little. and made sure it was ok if i took 
their picture. i just loved them together, here in the water~ quietly 
spending time.

then lars spotted a live starfish in the water~

there were hundreds of these birds on shore.

 and a very tame egret

we wanted at least a couple photos that weren't selfies, so
i bugged some other walkers to take some for us.

it doesn't get any sappier than this, but i just had to do it.~

 here's just one shot dale took of me at work...

 we loved the ahhhh-mazing sunsets over the ocean.
we returned tanner and with a ziplock baggie full of shells.
i cleaned them and put them in a pretty dish and i love looking at them
it transports me right back to the island.
i love traveling with my hubbie. he carries all the heavy stuff, makes sure
i'm where i need to be on time, never complains and he's always quietly curious about
his new surroundings,
it was fun florida~ thanks!

it's the last week of july and probably many of you
have either taken a summer vacation or have one coming.
what places are on your vacation bucket list?
mine? let's see:  vancouver british columbia,
 south carolina,  niagra falls, portland,
the new england states in the fall
just today i added guatemala.

xox, b.

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