Friday, July 10, 2015

part 3 of the wedding~

here at long last is the final post about 
our daughter's wedding.

thanks for your patience if you've been waiting and wondering
what's taken so long.
i have been extra busy since the wedding (& that even
included another wedding, a destination wedding that i was the photographer for).
: )

again, this is long and "rich" with  pictures
but i'm excited to share the rest of the day.

the first of the 3 wedding posts showed the wedding party getting
all dolled up and faaaaancy for the day, so we'll pick it up from there.
here's my girl taking a last look at her hair and makeup
before she slipped into her dress.

i loved her dress when she choose it and ordered it, but then
you don't see it again for several months.
when i saw it on her wedding day
i thought it was even more beautiful than i remembered~

she bought a new bracelet and earrings, but her pearl necklace
was a gift from c.

this is jessica. she has been a friend of adria's since they were about 13.
she was in the wedding and when she came down the hall and saw A. in her dress she just lost it.
then i lost it.

*then we found it again~ and carried on...
good grief we didn't want to ruin our fabulous makeup!

here are some more of the beautiful detail shots taken by annie & jessica,
our fab photog team for the day.

the bride's shoes

bridal bouquet

bet you figured this one out...

i think this is the first picture of her with her flowers.

each of the six girls chose their own dress. i love how they all looked together,
and i love this shot annie took of them on the deck of the bunkhouse~

so, it was time for the photos of the two of them and
they were about to see each other for the first time...


the photographers and c. and a. then went to the horse stables and 
a nearby church to get some fun shots.
*had to throw in one picture of "miss sass"
i think the sun was hurting her eyes, but this makes me laugh~

~love this freckle faced boy. i love him for loving my daughter with his whole heart.
they are just so good together and as her papa said during his speech,
they have a  "quiet contentment" with each other that we all see.
when it's so right, it's just the best feeling in the world.

the pic above and below are some of my absolute faves~

back at the horse and hunt club the photos with the whole group started.

c. has two brothers (on left) and two new bro-in-laws.

these precious little boys made us laugh all weekend long.

our family

my girl. my beloved girl. a bride!

the grooms family

this is one of the bridesmaids bouquets i designed.

my talented friend cheri helped with the flowers-
she designed the aisle bouquets.

fast forward to the ceremony now-all the attendants were up front and the little 
ring bearers were the last up before the bride~

the groom~

here comes the bride...

they surprised us all with a tree planting ceremony

the dip & the first kiss as husband and wife!!!
(i wonder if a groom has ever dropped his wife?)

now it was time to dine, relax and celebrate!

our decorating revolved around a hunting theme. we used a whole lot of
antlers that were ours and loaned from family, i dyed cheeseclothes to drape on
tables, and we had old boxes and birch bark, candles and flowers all over the place.

i made these bricks with what the kids kept calling their
best day ever

grama dar and cheri arranged the flowers on this
antique chicken feeder that was then hung from the pergola~

i made two of these wreaths with fresh smilex and roses to hang 
behind the head table.

lars made the holders for place cards out of birch logs.

jess shared her rad handwriting skills on all the chalkboards~

the birch tree cake was made by buttercream and
it might have been the best cake i've ever eaten.

simple flowers on the cake

c and a had custom playing cards made for table favors~


laughter and tears~

sharing cake


why not whoop it up?


friend and photographer annie was probably exhausted by this 
time, so she hammed it up with the host and hostess,
mark and cin.

this little honey's momma was a bridesmaid so he got to party with us in his jammies.

i think i nearly killed the wedding coodinater, my friend cheri...but instead of
crying, she just gets gooooofy!

cheri and cindy...(sorry you had to leave early mary- you should have been in the shot)

i'm pretty sure someone just told henry that he was going home.
well. that. just. stinks.

these guests were a bunch of funsters on the dance floor....
loved their energy!

the bride and groom beaming from ear to ear...

and with that, this mother of the bride is ready to move on with her day, 
this post literally took me most of today.

it's been on my mind to get it done since the wedding though,
so i am excited to be showing and telling you about
the rest of their magical day and
now we can all move on.

: D

*when i asked my girl recently how married life was,
she summed it up with one word:


xo, beth

p.s. no longer a mother of the bride, now i'm a mother in law.
i'm going to try my best to be a good one.

p.s.s. if you think this was long, you should try choosing from over
2000 photos you love..... hee hee

p.s.s.s. photo credits mostly belong to annie marie photography. : )

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