Thursday, July 23, 2015

how bout a whole bunch of flowers for today's post?

i've taken all of these in my yard this summer and although
some of my gardens are looking pretty shop worn after a big storm and
the heat, here's proof that there have been some amazing


hydrangeas and a sprig of flowering crab

one evening i walked all over the yard and picked a lot of stuff, including some
not quite ripe raspberries and grapevine and made it all into
a bridal bouquet (for the practice). below is the bouquet 
in a vase. it looked pretty for almost a week.

if you like to make garden bouquets, look for some unusual things to add.
in addition to the raspberries and grapevines, i used clematis and some hosta buds that
almost look tropical. see them tucked in by the scarlet rose?

what is it with pansies? it's really hard for me to keep them pretty all summer... and i love them so.

these pink peonies are probably my favorite flowers to have on the table.
ranunculus are my favorite flower, but i tried planting some and the critters ate them off.
dang critters~

grapes on the vine

i think these are called rose begonias. love them~

my neighbor shelly graciously shared these morning glories that she started
from seed. they don't climb up, they trail down and i   l o v e   them in my window box.



seester dawn gave me this pot of martha washington geraniums- so pretty

more morning glories

help me out...gazania?

i have these white hydrangeas coming out my ears... i like to mix them with dainty pink
coral bells .

petunias used to be trash flowers to me. now that i'm older and wiser i have come to
realize why old ladies love them... hee hee

impatients in a hanging basket

and another cosmos~

that concludes today's tour of the garden.
don't be too jealous. closeup photos can hide all my weeds and
 the holes that are really there. you've just gotta look at the bright side and
see all the good. gardening is good for the soul.

:  )

it's almost the weekend...haaang in there friends,

xo, beth

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