Monday, August 3, 2015

the family farm

chris (my new son in law) recently asked me if i would
take photos for their family at his grandparent's farm. his grandma
just moved into an apartment and now doesn't really have
room to display graduation photos of all 14 of
her grandkids. the fam decided it'd be fun to surprise her
with a new photo of all of them together at her old farm to hang on the wall. i guess the
last time there was a pic of them all, cousin patrick (in the white glasses)
was so little that some of the others held him.
we talked briefly about re-creating that look, and then
quickly moved on.
: )

it was such a humid night when we gathered out west of corcoran,
 that my lens fogged up again. weird summer that way huh?

this is the big old barn we used for our backdrop. this farm isn't owned
by family any longer, so it was a trip down memory lane for these kids
that grew up coming here to visit their grandparents.

the fabulous 14

there are two new baby great granddaughters~

the female cousins wanted a pic without the stinky boys.
(i made the stinky part up).
aren't cousins just the best? i think i heard somewhere that it's 
nat'l. cousins day so cheers to beloved cousins everywhere!!!

 great grandson eli in a big old tree

sisters, dwarfed in the shadow of the barn.

regrouping time

proud new dads

ms. c climbed the grain bin

these two girls are really good buds. they asked if i would take some
pics of just them so we disappeared for a bit and had some silly fun.
*i don't know if i've ever seen corn this tall? wow

this is the whole family. grandchildren, great grandchildren, spouses
 and significant others. such a nice group of people.
i imagine your gram is going to be pleased as punch that you guys
took the time to do this for her.
it all begins and ends here.

have a good week guys and remember, laughter extends your life~

xo, beth

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