Tuesday, July 16, 2013

                                               some happenings from our house~

                                        we're coming off a beautiful wedding weekend for our good
                                        friends. when we moved here over twenty years ago we had
                                        the good/great fortune to become their neighbors. their second
                                        daughter got married in dec. and they celebrated with a fabulous
                                        reception sat. night. (photos to come)

                                        our two sons spent the weekend at the lodge with friends.
                                        no one died. thank you Jesus. (nothing burned down and
                                        911 was not called either as far as lars and I know). it was
                                        the first time they've entertained without us there being all
                                        grown-up and strict. I know they're adults- but there's just a
                                        lot of potential dangers there. sounds like they had a blast.
                                        it's hot here. like 100 degree heat index hot. the a.c. went out
                                        in my car last fri. but lars monkeyed under the hood and so far
                                        so good. girls, marry a man who can fix things!

                                        i've got a wicked case of chiggers. WHEN WILL I LEARN???
                                        those nasty little varmints live in my raspberry patch and i'm
                                        covered in painful itchy bites after picking without deep woods
                                        off on. all future raspberries will be purchased at the grocery store.
                                        after waking up with red swollen bites all over my torso yesterday
                                        i stripped my bedding, washed all of it- all the clothes that came in
                                        contact with the ones i was wearing, the towels i'd used, jammies...
                                        you get the picture. this must be what it's like to have head lice???
                                        the itching is giving me slight undercurrents of hysteria.
                                         i'm looking forward to dinner out tonight with girlfriends. :  )

                                        my pink hydrangeas are in full bloom and they are one of the true
                                        show offs of summer. i could not love them more.

                                                                                     have a good day,


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