Tuesday, July 9, 2013



                          33 years ago today i had this baby. then he grew up and became a man.
                                      he sort of still feels like my little boy. he can scoff all he
                                    wants to when I say that, but he does. and that's the truth.
                          I thought maybe I would die (and i'm not kidding or just being overly
                                        dramatic here- it was a brutal 36 hour delivery)~      
                           but i'd do it all again in a heartbeat- and if you're reading this and
                                                 you're a mama- you know what i mean.
                                           it was worth it. thank God for this child of mine.

                                                       happy birthday eric galen,

                                                                   xo, mom

                  oh and I have a little tip for you girls who haven't yet given birth to your first
                                                   baby. epidural?  say YES!!!!
                                        (kinda mad that no one gave me that advice) : ) 

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