Friday, July 12, 2013

j. and a.

                          i love to take pictures, i do...but i had a stressful couple days
                      last week, afraid i had nothing to show my friend jill after shooting
                                             her son's wedding reception. turns out
                                    with some help from a pro who works in the recovery
                                             room at national camera- voila! the lost pictures
                                      were retrieved and all was right with my world.- I've gotten
                                                        them edited and with a big,
                                    joyous sigh of relief i was able to give them to jill today.
                                              i will be buying a new camera folks.

                                ( i don't want to forget to mention that even though i'm not catholic
                                                i prayed the prayer of lost things to st. anthony and man---it
                                            always seems to work for me- do you know it? "tony, tony come
                            around~ something's lost and must be found." then you name what you are missing
                                                                   try it sometime- it hasn't failed me yet).

                                     *here are some of my favorites from jono and annie's wonderful day.

here comes the bride...

                                                                    the darling couple

                                                                   parents of the bride

                                                               parents of the groom

                                                             they're off to take pictures on the golf course~

                                                                                                   how handsome are these two brothers?

                                                         i love the way jill is looking at her sweetheart here~

                                                                                              this usually quiet groom can give a great speech!

                                                                  the flowers were spectacular!

                            this is the groom's darling grandparents- they danced the night away and their
                                            enthusiasm may have been the sweetest part of the whole celebration
                                                           for me. they are about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.
                                                                                                      60+ old enough to be married-
                                                                                    you do the math- yet they out danced most of us.  
                                                                                                      congratulations gloria and joe!                                                                                                                

GO GLORIA!!!!!!!
            i just love seeing people so much in love.  
photographs are an art form to me.
i'm convinced that beauty matters and it is my
honor and a privilege to capture these once-in-a-lifetime
moments in people's lives.
these moments are filled with grace and i see it and i feel it
and it is beautiful.
wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness jono and annie, 
xo, beth



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