Thursday, July 18, 2013


i work in a darling little town. it's on a big lake and is it bursting with charm- it's only a 5
minute commute each day too ~BONUS!. ( that is-if i don't stop at any yard sales on my way). today i did veer over for one and scored a sharp black motorcycle helmet for 10 bucks and a prize for my boss. she's a photographer and this whole week the temperatures here in Minneapolis have been almost 100 degrees. she's outside most of the day, walking from one end of town to the other with cute kids-taking their senior pictures. she never complains---but i know she's hot. she sweating and sunburned and well, just plain HOT. i found one of those spray bottle fans that you fill with water and turn on and it lightly mists you. it cost a mere 50 cents.

today while she was out taking pictures of girls in a field -on an old couch with vintage chairs etc. that she hauled there by herself...i was back at the ranch, keeping things under control in the comfort of the air conditioned studio. i felt really guilty but hey- i'm not the one making the big bucks either...haha   (nor am i anywhere nearly as talented as she is- and i complain a lot when i'm hot and sweaty- then add a few dozen itchy chigger bites and menopause and well..... it's  crystal clear that i should be the one inside where it's cool right)?    i got a text from her while she was out there working that said:

                                                           spray bottle + water = lifesaver

                                                                                      :  )

                                                  sometimes it's the little things in life that save the day.

every thursday in excelsior there is a farmers market- right on main street outside our studio. it is a blast...the vendors start arriving around noon and start setting up their booths and i don't know if I've told you this before, but i made handmade art and sold it at art fairs for 21 years! yeah you read that right- 21 years. i have a soft spot in my heart for anyone, selling anything under an easy up canopy. i used to call myself a carnie rat...and my kids grew up carnie kids. we schlepped them from art fair to art fair and we'd keep them happy by spreading out a blanket in the shade and giving them $3 to go buy a stuffed lizard from the hardworking mung women.

today it was also crazy daze in town so even tho it was hotter than haiti, the town was a buzzin. here are some photos of the fun right outside my door.


                                                i sure do love a good farmers market-but i hope all the         
                       exhibitors that sat outside today are in where it's air conditioned tonight!

                                                                        guess where i'm going tomorrow night?
                                                                           TO THE RODEO.... so excited!!! 
                                                                                     cow girl gear's in order.
                                                                                 (try saying that real fast 5 times)

                                                                                            stay cool kids,

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