Saturday, April 14, 2018


well now it's april 14th.
my last blog post was an ode to winter, a goodbye 
because it was the first day of spring and it was
a really pretty day. the snow was almost gone
and the birds were chirping away.

that was march 20th.

today is has snowed more than a foot.
can i just repeat: it's april 14th.

mother nature appears to be having a temper tantrum and so are a lot of my neighbors.

*shout out to our neighbors that turned their Christmas
lights back on though... hehe  *love me a good sense of humor. 

how've you all been? are you as excited to sit on your decks as i am?
i was at a garden center yesterday and the greenhouse was starting to fill
up. there were pansys, ranunculus, and all kinds of herbs and it was about
the best sight ever. i am anxious (but a little nervous) to check my
prize dahlia bulbs. they have been in buckets in the basement 
all winter and i sure hope they haven't dried up or rotted.
spring garden season is just about here and i can't wait!

the morning light in our living room has been so pretty lately
and i love that there are more hours of daylight~

 cousins mike and barb had a st. patrick's day party on 3-17 and we were invited.
here are some pictures from that fun evening. 

barb had fun decorating and was i so excited when i walked in to their dining room.

i had just gotten the results back from my ancestery dna kit and found out 
i had quite a bit of irish in me (that I didn't know about), so i was all about it.
: )) 
mike and barb love to cook. they served corned beef and cabbage and
i was pretty sure i wouldn't care for it, (i'm picky) but i did!
i actually loved it, it was really delicious!!!

barb made these yummy cupcakes laced with baileys irish cream.

do any of you watch the bachelor? this last season a girl that barb knows really well won
the show (but then got duped) and now she's going to be the next bachelorette.
barb is cat sitting for her while the show is being filmed and both she
and mike are so in love with this cute kitty that i think
it's going to be really hard for them to give her back.

it's always a real treat to get an invitation to their house. I can't remember when
I've laughed so hard...we played games and talked about some of our favorite memories
of growing up together, what a great evening~
thanks you guys!

now on to our little grandson... look how he's grown!!!
he's 6 months old and as much as I've loved every single month of
his precious babyhood, every time we see him he just gets more fun.
friends have told me this just continues, how great is that?

when he was at our house this week he had a fun surprise for us...
his first two little teeth are through.
yeah CJ!
*his eyes are turning brown now too... something I was secretly hoping for. : )

we are so in love with this little boy

well, that's about it for today.
the next time i blog i will not talk about snow.
i promise.
i don't care if it's may and we still have a foot.
: )

 until then, take care and be well

xo, beth

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