Wednesday, November 30, 2016

i know, i know~ another blog update and it hasn't even been a week!

now that work has slowed down for
awhile (tis the season) i might be back here on a regular basis.  : )
* hey, if you read my blog and miss seeing photos from my
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i'm still playing catch up so thought it would be fun to show
you some of the photos from a wedding my youngest, cole, was in
on 9-17-16 ( lars and my 39th wedding anniversary.)

this is greg and lisa lane's wedding.
cole and greg have been friends forever it seems like.
they started hanging in jr. high and have shared the
best and worst of times.

i love this guy. (greg) he is quiet and polite,
at least around me...
he's very handsome and gives great hugs. ; ) 
 even if you're old like me
and he could be your son, you can still appreciate a
good looking dude.
it doesn't hurt that he's a crossfitter and all around amazing
athlete either.

i wish i could get my hands on my favorite picture of these two guys in
senior high. i came home from work one day just as cole was finishing
up giving greg a mohawk haircut out on the driveway.
good stuff friends, good stuff.

greg was a standout football and baseball player in high school and he 
went on to play football for gustavous.
cole was at mankato state at the same time, so since the colleges
were close, they were able to hang out during through those years too.

greg's precious mom passed away from breast cancer when the 
boys were just college freshmen and that was a tough time for the lanes, reminding us
life can knock you to your knees. i think our friends are put on earth to
help us during those times in life.

after college cole and greg both got jobs and started being
real live grown ups and then one day greg called cole and said
he wanted to open a crossfit gym and wondered if cole would like to be
one of the partners. well, long story short, the two of them along with
another great guy did open that gym a year ago and it's greg's full time
career and a part time job for cole.

i'm super proud of them for daring to start their own business
while still in their 20's and working their butts off
(although i'm not going to lie, those crossfit behinds are anything
but missing) hehe.
to get it running and profitable.
they painted and built it out, hauled in equipment, ordered products and
put in countless hours before and since they opened.

so, in september greg married the love of his life, the sweetest girl- lisa, and
cole was honored to stand by his best friends side and see him
really start his adult life!

it's no secret that i love weddings, (i leaned over and said that to lars when
we got seated and he said, "yeah you've mentioned that before...about a million times)".
: )

this wedding had so many fun touches, they really entertained us!

the little flower girls had a tent to wait in to keep the sun and bugs off them.

greg's grandparents have an apple orchard that these beautiful apples were from.
and...greg's sister got married at the family farm just one week prior.
they used a lot of the same gear, (chairs, tables, tent, lights etc.)
 loading it all up and hauling from grandpa's to
bob and sue down's farm where this wedding took place.
the down's son bobbie is another one of the "rat pack" of boys who are
best friends. the boys spent countless hours at this beautiful farm growing up.

this is kim, greg's new step mom.
leslie, i knew you'd pritnear stop breathing over her beautiful dress with the
hand embroidered birds on it, so i asked her if i could take a picture,
so this is for you!


bubbles filled the sky over the wedding site

the 3 lane kids lit a candle up front for their mother before the ceremony~
it was very touching and of course made me weep.

cole and one of the brides sisters

fun fact:   lisa is one of 5 girls. the first 4 bridesmaids are all her sisters!

the family made this cool chandelier.

so you know how the bridal party makes an "entrance" at the reception?
these pictures of cole making his, crack me up.

(pretty sure these moves came from his dad).
*when the tux shop hems your pants too short and one leg is even
shorter than the other what do you do? laugh and just go with it!

cole and donnie ~ another partner in crime. donnie lived with cole for a while in college.

greg and lisa

mr. and mrs.!

when greg's brother tony gave his best man's speech cole laughed so hard i thought
he might split his tight pants.

these are cole's two partners from the gym, greg and shub.

who doesn't love a big old barn for their grooms dinner?

and any wedding with horses is a winner to me!

this is bob downs. he and his wife sue are two of the most beautiful people on the planet.
they have taken in over 250 foster children in their marriage!
bob was an educator until last year when he retired. now i like to think of him
as a "gentleman farmer" and wedding chauffeur. : )
bob is also the person that called us 11 years ago when cole rolled and
totaled my jeep on a windy gravel road on his way to their farm.
when i answered the phone that night, bob calmly said,
"it's bob downs and i want you to know that cole is with me and he's ok. he's had a
bad accident- but he's ok, now i'm going to put him on".
you never forget those moments eh~

fireworks lit up the sky over the lake towards the end of the reception, like i said,
they didn't miss a beat.
it was a magical evening and we were honored to be a part of it.
grey and lisa if you read this, i hope you know that we wish you nothing
but the absolute best in your married life. you deserve it.

our boy with his girl.
this is sarah. sarah also coaches at a crossfit gym and had to miss the wedding,
but she got there for the party!
these two are so well suited for each other~ and aren't they cute? we love her.
: )  : )  : )

and this is so them...

o.k. just have to say it again,
all that love, all the preparation and time and beauty that goes into each one,
feeling all the feels.
it's    just   the    best.


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